Jammin Social Music Discovery



Jammin is a work in progress. It is a Social Music Discovery App, which aims to give users a better and more efficient experience navigating and chronicling their musical journeys.


Jammin is a Sustainable, Scalable, Iterable and Responsible product (SSIR). Minimizing societal, economic, and environmental harm through implementation thoughtfulness ensures a great product that represents real value is brought to market.


Jammin is being developed with sustainability and safety in mind. Developed using baremetal orchestration over IPV6 and with fully homomorphic encryption to ensure a private by default approach so that "YOU OWN YOUR DATA", and that as much revenue can be funneled to users and artists as possible.

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Baremetal Orchestration

Jammin is being designed to remove as much complexity and cost as possible in alignment with building an SSIR product.


Authentication and Data Protection

Jammin will integrate with your music provider of choice, and will ensure that YOU OWN your data, and any processing we do is with your explicit permission. Jammin takes a private and safe by default approach.


User Interface and Experience

Jammin is designed with several novel UI/UX elements to simplify and make a users experience and journeys more traceable, efficient, and safe


Discovery Engine

Jammin is based on a proprietary algorithm that puts the power of discovery into your hands, and not someone else's. It does not use machine learning, and will not until it is necessary. Machine Learning is algorithmic approximation with extreme cost, and as such will only be used when certain factors can be addressed such as protecting user's data and ownership, energy cost, traceability and accuracy.


Monolingual Design

Jammin leverages Rust wherever possible. Frontend, Backend, and optimally using third party tools written with Rust. Adhering to Rust wherever possible is meant to instill lifecycle and ownership thinking through habit, to enable low overhead horizontal transition across the stack, to write safe and performant code, and to participate in a vibrant community.